Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning and Heating System


It is annoying to deal with broken air conditioner. This is especially true if you are living within an area with high temperature and high humidity, and you can’t get the heating and cooling you need. Luckily, most air condition units will give you an early warning sign before total breakdown happens. So in case you have any issue, call us and our certified technician is always ready to lend a hand. By seeking for help early on, you can prevent the worries of paying the high cost of repair and of course, the high electrical bill.

Purairsteam has a fully stocked mobile warehouse. We have all the tools you may need.Also, most parts in an air conditioning system are universal so the stress of looking for a particular needed tool is very limited.

Purair offers 24 hours service. We are also proud to say that we can handle different makes and models of air conditioning system. We can replace all components like capacitors, contactors, and fan motors.

We all understand how hot the summer season can be so a good air conditioning system can save your neck during the season. Most have considered air conditioning systems to be crucial parts in their lives. When such system is not working, living cannot just be uncomfortable but life-threatening too.

Although repair is always a practical solution but replacement may be a handy choice for repetitive worries. Purair can replace existing condensers, compressors, and evaporating coils. Many homeowners find comfort in replacing their equipment with at least 16 to 21 SEERsystem. Also, it should be noted that proper installation for the new equipment is critical.