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Trust our team to help you with cooling off in the heat of summer season. Do you need to replace your air conditioning system and upgrade it to the latest system available? If so, avail of Purair special offer now.

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The condenser is referred to as the heart of the cooling system. During times when the unit is running, you should be able to feel warm air coming out to top, if there isn’t then theres likely a problem. The condenser is where the condenser coil, compressor, fan motor, and other electrical components are found, which is why it must be maintained regularly. It is very typical for the condenser coil to get dirty after months of use and such occurrence can lead to compressors problems. Also, the capacitors inside the condenser should be replaced every 3-5 years. A condenser operating with weak capacitors can lead to Air Conditioning and Heating worries.

Condensers are available in different sizes and various seasonal energy efficient ratings (SEER), but whatever it is that you are looking for, be rest assured that you can find the right model here. Since we also give our customers excellent product knowledge, everyone can decide rightly of which product to get.


Do you simply need a checkup for your air conditioning and heating system? If so, allow our highly skilled Air Conditioning and Heating technicians to evaluate the system for you. Our staff can identify problems and give you a detailed estimate before starting with the necessary work.

Evaporator Coils

The evaporator coils are found at the top or side of the furnace. It is the evaporator coil that is regarded to be the weakest link within the Air Conditioning and Heating system. In fact, almost all of the refrigerant leaks are found within the evaporator coil. One reason for this problem is that most Air Conditioning and Heating contractors would use builder grade coil to save on the cost.

Evaporator Coils




We all understand how hot the summer season can be, especially in Katy, so a good air conditioning system can save your neck during the season. Most have considered air conditioning systems to be crucial parts in their lives. When such system is not working, living cannot just be uncomfortable but life-threatening too, especially in this Katy Texas heat.

Although repair is always a practical solution but replacement may be a handy choice for repetitive worries. Our team can replace existing condensers, compressors, and evaporating coils. Many homeowners find comfort in replacing their equipment with at least 16 to 21 SEERsystem. Also, it should be noted that proper installation for the new equipment is critical.

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