Purair System Maintenance


Our team can also work to maintain your existing air conditioning equipment to give you a years of peace of mind. We have our BAMP plan which stands for bi-annual maintenance plan and it costs only $99 per system. By availing this plan, our team will visit your home twice a year. We will clean your condenser coil and check all electrical components to ensure the right refrigerant charge. Furthermore, we will go as far as going into your attic to check the main drain line and to see any existing ductwork to ensure proper air flow. We will even check the evaporator coil for the presence of bacterial growth. Keep in mind that maintaining your air conditioning system is vital work to ensure the efficiency of your system and your peace of mind. Many problems of the air conditioning unit are seen during the bi-annual checkup so be sure to avail of this plan so problems may be addressed properly before they worsen.

In case you are now ready to schedule a HVAir Conditioning and Heating maintenance appointment then you have to be sure that it is done by a reputable HVAir Conditioning and Heating company possessing all the right tools and experience. After all, it is a complicated process that calls for compliance to the standard regulations. Keep in mind that maintenance does not only guarantee your comfort, but also your protection.


Purairs preventive maintenance checkup includes the following:

  • Checkup of the cooling and heating cycles
  • Cleaning and maintenance of the condenser coil
  • Checkup of the evaporator coil
  • Maintenance of the blower assembly
  • Oil fan motors depending on the manufacturers recommendations
  • Adjust thermostat
  • Examinefilter
  • Examine safety controls
  • Check starting capacity
  • Measure the amperage draw electrically
  • Check the defrost cycles
  • Examine the whole electrical control connections
  • Clean out drain line and add tablets to drain pan during the presence of algae and sludge
  • Look at the level of outside unit
  • Check refrigerant sub cool and superheat
  • Examine breakers
  • Review the fan blades
  • Look at the heat exchanger
  • Review heat strips
  • Look at reversing valve
  • Study contactor and relays


Furnace Maintenance