Bellville TX

Texas has a lot to offer when it comes to cities to visit that offer interesting history. Bellville is one of those cities. Named after Thomas B. Bell, who was one of the originating old three hundred colonists moving to Texas in the early 19th Century. This city is located in the center of Austin County with a very small population; less than 5,000 people in 2010. Today’s population is still in that range.

Family owned, the Huff Brewing Company is known for its ales and lagers and is number one on the list for places to visit. It’s been said they have the best beer on the planet. That’s for the beer drinkers who are looking for that one place that will set itself in their memories. For more than a decade, the Huff family has been pleasing the palate of those who enjoy a great beer.

The Austin County Jail Museum is another wonderful place to visit. Although it closed service in 1982, it is a historical county landmark dubbed so in 1976 and added to the national register in 1980. The rich red brick and white trim make the building an aesthetically pleasing site. The attraction is hosted by volunteers and offers an educational experience for those history buffs interested in what led to its status today. This museum presents an all-inclusive history of Austin County, not just the history of those on the wrong side of the track.

Miss Bobi’s Roadhouse is a bar and grill as well as the proverbial night spot. Considered a hole in the wall, it sports pool tables, darts as well as big screen TVs and a buck hunter as available activities. Burgers and beer add to what makes this place an excellent stop for those looking for a good time. Opened in May of 2010, it has been proven over the last seven years that it is a welcome addition to Bellville. Street parking, as well as lot parking, is available.

Trump Cafe is rated from excellent to very good for most patrons choosing this restaurant as the diner of choice. inside Trump Cafe of Bellville, TexasLocated in the downtown area near the County Courthouse, it has been given great reviews for the food and the customer service. What more could you want from an awesome restaurant than that? The value is great for your money.

Looking for history, education, great food and a good time? Look no further. Bellville, TX has a lot to offer for those planning a vacation in a smaller town.