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“Lee installed our (replacement) A/C system about a year ago, on our 13 year-old house. The job was done quickly and professionally. Our comfort level improved noticeably, as our electric bill got lower from the previous years. Since then, he has always answered any and all questions and given excellent service. He had to replace a faulty thermostat, and he responded on short notice, very promptly. Service is absolutely the BEST!”

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Its that time of the year when you have to start using your furnace to heat up your home and you need furnace installation in Bellville, TX. You want a toasty warm home but its been six months. You know that when you turn on your furnace, its going to blast our a whole lost of dust and dirt. In fact, there is a very good chance that you’ve never called in a technician to maintain your furnace during summer. You are actually wondering whether the heater will even turn on!

Well, no need to worry. Here is what you can do to ensure that your heating unit is in working order and ready to heat up your home as quickly as possible.

Step #1 – Start With a Quick Check List
Check the thermostat of the machine – Before you even switch on the unit, take a look at the thermostat. You’ll be surprised at how many people forget to check the batteries. Do this first and then switch on the furnace. You should also check the temperature on the furnace by locating the circuit board. Disconnect the wires and push them aside. Connect a small piece of jumper wire between R and W terminals and then check and see whether it is working. If not working, then its time to call in a professional to check the thermostat.
Check power to the furnace – You may hear the heater trying to come on but for some reason you are not getting heat. In this case, it might be a breaker trip, or a broken service switch or even a power issue. If there is no power, then please do call in an electrician or an HVAC professional to check the fuse on the circuit board and repair the problem. Most furnaces use 3AMP fuses on the home circuit board. If you know how to replace the fuse, do so. But do not replace the 3AMP fuse with a lower AMP rating as this is dangerous. If you aren’t sure about the process, please do call in a professional.
Check for gas – Most modern day heating units show a pilot light that indicates gas flow. If gas or propane flow is interrupted, then the light will go out and it needs to be relit. They are designed to switch off when the pilot light goes out. This is a safety measure designed to prevent flooding the system with huge amounts of flammable gas. Either try to get the system up or running or call in a professional to help you out.
Check for filter – Your furnace may be firing up but the heat might be insufficient. This happens when the filters are clogged with dirt or debris. On most houses, the filters need to be changed every six months. Please note that this frequency may increase or decrease depending on the weather and your geographical location.
Check for ignition confirmation – The furnace flame keeps going out in some cases. If this happens, it usually a problem with the flame sensor or the ignition system. This is not a job for novices and we recommend you call in an HVAC technician as soon as possible.
Step #2 – Know When To Call In a Professional to Repair or Replace Your Furnace
Please understand that the above mentioned checklist is fairly easy to verify and check. In fact, it should help you solve basic problems and get your unit up and running as soon as possible. By following our tips, you will also be better informed to deal with day-to-day repair and maintenance procedures.

But extensive repairs are not recommended for novices who have no idea of electrical or heating systems. There is always a small amount of danger involved with the process and we do not recommend repairing or modifying any modern heating systems unless you are technically proficient.

Moreover, there are many things that will go wrong with a furnace and you may not be able to diagnose them. In this case, it becomes mandatory to call in a HVAC technician or a professional repair person as soon as possible. When you call in a professional HVAC technician, you also get the following benefits;

Assured response within 24 hours
Expert technical help
Warranty of service and authentic spare parts.
Maintenance contracts if required.

When you do get so many benefits, its a good idea to get expert Bellville furnace repair help from a professional company. So why wait…call in the professionals right away.