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Heating Maintenance

The best way to limit cost is to do regular preventive maintenance. It is a must that you let a professional check on your furnace each year. Some of the works needed to be done are checking of the safety devices, cleaning the burners, adjusting the flame, monitoring the motor amperage, inspecting filters, and checking capacitors, filters. Half-finished combustion within the gas heating systems can lead to the presence of dangerous gasses like carbon monoxide.

Purair deals with any heating equipment.

  • Gas Furnace
  • Propane furnace
  • Heat Pump
  • 80% Furnace
  • High Efficiency Furnace
  • Electric Air Handler
  • Forced Air Furnace
  • Variable Speed Furnace

Purair will guaranteethat the technician will arrive at your residence:

  • On Time
  • With floor protection
  • Will not work on any repair before you understand your options
  • Explain the flat rate pricing
  • Offer 100% Satisfaction
  • In professional appearance
  • Will be empathetic to your HVAir Conditioning and Heating worries
  • Will diagnose your HVAir Conditioning and Heating problem