Heating Repair

In due time, your furnace will need some repairs. Now, Purair can deal with any gas furnace and electric Air handler worries. Some of the worries caused by this unit are noises, shut off, breakers tripping, blank thermostat, and odd smell during heating cycle. The moment when you call our service team, we will send you a Katy technician who is professional, courteous, and legitimately trained. We value our customers so it is our duty to ensure that we only give the best team who could offer you help. Overall, Purair ishere to offer you protection against expensive repairs, equipments malfunctions, or even total breakdown. When you enroll in our B.A.M.P program, you get to enjoy two visits from our NATE certified technicians each year.

50 off


99 per system maintenance


1900 Evaporator


We are here to deal with any heating equipment.

  • Gas Furnace
  • Propane furnace
  • Heat Pump
  • 80% Furnace
  • High Efficiency Furnace
  • Electric Air Handler
  • Forced Air Furnace
  • Variable Speed Furnace


Purair will guaranteethat our Technician will arrive at your residence:

  • On Time
  • With floor protection
  • Will not work on any repair before you understand your options
  • Explain the flat rate pricing
  • Offer 100% Satisfaction
  • In professional appearance
  • Will be empathetic to your Air Conditioning and Furnace worries
  • Will diagnose your Air Cooling and Heating problem