Humidity Control

When life gets hot, an air conditioning unit and humidity control can save the day.Extreme indoor humidity can cause discomforts and health problems.

Among hot and humid climates, the incidental dehumidification may not be enough to keep the indoor humidity conditions satisfactory. After all, ASHRAE recommends approximately 60% relative humidity maximum at 78F.Such dehumidification takes place not just during hot times of the yearnot even during times when the air conditioner is working too longbut even during times of the year when air conditioner works too little.

Humidity Control is very important to guarantee comfort hence we at Purair ensures that we are always ready to fix your units.

While there are now air conditioning systems that work independently for humidity control, there are times when conventional systems may not be enough to deal with the problem. Even if some high-end systems come with enhanced dehumidification, but in times when the system cannot sufficiently dehumidify, there may be nothing else left to be done but to buy a stand-alone dehumidifier.