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“Lee installed our (replacement) A/C system about a year ago, on our 13 year-old house. The job was done quickly and professionally. Our comfort level improved noticeably, as our electric bill got lower from the previous years. Since then, he has always answered any and all questions and given excellent service. He had to replace a faulty thermostat, and he responded on short notice, very promptly. Service is absolutely the BEST!”

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Your AC Repair & Installation Experts in Brookshire

Purair HVAC solutions is one of the premier providers of Brookshire, TX AC repair and installation. We serve thousands of homes in that time. To make a long story short, we know a thing or two about air conditioning.

Summers get extremely hot in the state of Texas. It is vital that you have a fully functioning HVAC system. If you don’t, your house could become extremely uncomfortable, and even unhealthy.

Don’t hesitate to get your air conditioner fixed if you think there is an issue. Like many other mechanical issues, the earlier you fix an AC unit the cheaper it is. HVAC problems have a tendency to become more complex over time if they are not tended to.

Your AC unit may be having problems and you may not even know it. Homeowners sometimes don’t know what to look, or listen, for that would indicate that there is an issue. The following are five scenarios that could indicate that you need AC repair.

5 Reasons You Need AC Repair

1. You can hear it, but you can’t feel it – This is one of the most common problems. It usually occurs at the beginning of the season when the unit is first turned on, especially if it wasn’t tested earlier in the year. The first thing you should check in this instance is your thermostat. If it set at the right temperature and your home is still uncomfortably hot, the problem is with your air conditioner. If this happens, you should contact an HVAC technician as soon as possible.

2. It smells – Trust your senses when it comes to these matters. If something smells off, it probably smells that way for a reason. In this instance, it probably means that some kind of debris or mold built up in the unit during the winter months. It is being heated up by the running air conditioner. That’s what is causing the smell. This type of situation could be unhealthy for you and your family. It should be addressed immediately.

3. The outdoor unit is frosty – Sometimes, an AC unit starts to frost over on the outside. If this occurs, check the hoses in your unit. Frosty buildup usually means there is some kind of blockage in the unit keeping the cold air from flowing freely. If this goes on too long, it could cause your unit to freeze. This could mean you need a full replacement. This is an emergency situation.

4. It is noisy – Just like a car engine, you can listen to your AC unit to ensure that it is working correctly. If you hear a rattle, there could be a problem with the motor in it. This is usually the first in a litany of problems in the future with your AC unit. A noisy air conditioner usually means there are internal problems. It needs to inspected by someone who has the proper tools to do so.

5. Leaking fluids – If there are leaking fluids coming out of your air conditioner, it is usually water. This situation usually indicates that there is a leaky hose. It is the opposite problem of what causes a frosty unit. Water is obviously very dangerous when around electrical components. This could be an emergency situation. It is important to know that there will always be a little bit of condensation building up on your air conditioner. Don’t overreact. Only address the problem if the amount of water in the leak is bigger than the typical condensation.

If any of these five things happens to you, contact a professional air conditioner repair person. Our technicians can diagnose and fix any HVAC issue you can think of. We are available to anyone who lives in the greater Katy, TX area.

You should have your air conditioner inspected every winter. You don’t want to be uncertain the first time you turn it on at the beginning of the summer. Many AC units have a factory-designed maintenance schedule that you can follow. If you do so, it will serve to extend the life of your air conditioner. Predictive maintenance is the key to making any machine last as long as possible.

We have coupons available on our website where you can get deals on our first visit to your home. Our technicians are available on a 24 hour basis for emergencies and AC repair Brookshire TX. Contact us today if you need HVAC help.