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“Lee installed our (replacement) A/C system about a year ago, on our 13 year-old house. The job was done quickly and professionally. Our comfort level improved noticeably, as our electric bill got lower from the previous years. Since then, he has always answered any and all questions and given excellent service. He had to replace a faulty thermostat, and he responded on short notice, very promptly. Service is absolutely the BEST!”

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Quality Furnace Repairs & Installations in Richmond, Texas

In a perfect world, all household equipment works well all the time and we never have to worry about furnace repair Richmond TX. We can simply go about our days with confidence, knowing that everything will be in order. Alas, such a world does not exist and problems routinely come up to catch our attention. The furnace is piece of technology was invented long ago to provide warmth during cold months. Over its long years of existence, the design has been refined well enough to create highly reliable systems. They typically last more than a decade but they may require some repairs from time to time.

There may be cases wherein the furnace works but its performance is quite poor. Perhaps it is not generating enough heat for the house such that it still feels cold inside even at max settings. This can be a big problem at the peak of winter as you will need the heater to fight the chill. In some instances, adequate warmth is provided but fuel consumption is through the roof. This will be hard on the household budget. The worst is when everything stops working as the family is left vulnerable to the elements. Immediate repairs are required to keep everyone safe and comfortable.

Common Maintenance Procedures

There are a number of things that homeowners can do to ensure that their heating system remains in good condition. With this approach, you can avoid wear and tear as well as other causes of equipment malfunction. Prevention, after all, is always better than any cure. For instance, you can be diligent in cleaning the space around the furnace. Pay special attention to the blower as dust can rapidly collect around this area. Other vulnerable spots must be cleaned periodically as well. The fan blades will be coated in dirt after months of operation. Remove them and use a brush to dislodge all dirt.

The motor may have trouble turning after a while. Help things along through proper lubrication. There are strategic ports located around it specially for this purpose. Place around three drops of motor oil in each of them and let the liquid work its magic. Friction will decrease, parts will glide more smoothly, and wear will be lessened. You will be able to avoid parts replacement for a long while thanks to this simple move. There are certain motor designs that do not require lubrication but have other maintenance needs. Schedule annual maintenance visits from a professional technician for best results. It’s a worthwhile investment.

Finding the Right Furnace Repair Company

Diligence will be rewarded with optimum performance and lower than usual rates of failure. In case a breakdown still occurs, be sure to rely on a reputable HVAC company for effective solutions. Check out the service providers in your area and do a quick comparison. Purair serves Katy, Texas and surrounding areas. If you live nearby, then do not hesitate to call as we will be happy to offer our assistance. You can read our reviews on Yelp, Google, and Angie’s List to get an idea of how well we treat our customers. We ensure satisfaction for all of our services.

A lot of people put off furnace repairs because of the expenses. They worry about the cost of the service so they allow the problems to persist while enduring the cold. At a certain point, this will no longer be feasible and a more permanent solution must be found. We understand how hard it can be to set aside budget for a sudden HVAC failure. That’s why we keep our rates reasonable and well within the industry standards. We also accept credits cards from Visa, Discover and MasterCard for your convenience. Financing is also available for those who qualify, making our services even more accessible.

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