Sealy TX

Located 50 miles west of Houston, Sealy, Texas is one of Austin County’s commercial hubs and among its largest cities. Nestled right at the intersections of Highway 90, Highway 36, Interstate 10, and the major lines for the Union Pacific Railroad and BNSF Railroad, the area is easily accessible from nearby metropolitan areas. Although it is chosen by many families looking to move to Texas because of its accessibility to other major cities, Sealy still has that semi-rural vibe that many love.
Take a look at the five reasons why Sealy is a great place to live in.

1. Home appreciation is high

With home appreciation up at 26% as of early 2017, it’s a good time to buy a home in Sealy. Historically, homes in general have enjoyed stable growth in terms of value. This growth is something that many local homeowners enjoy.

2. Delicious Tex-Mex

Love food? Like the rest of Texas, Sealy enjoys a marriage of mouthwatering Texan and Mexican footex mex in sealy txd and they are served in large portions. Texas is also Margarita heaven and the home of Southern cooking.

3. Taxes are low

The Lone Star State doesn’t like taxes. According to Time magazine, it only collects approximately USD 3500 per resident. This amount is incredibly low compared to states like California and New York. This means that you will save a lot of money if you move here.

If you want to keep most of your hard earned money, living here is a good idea.

4. The job growth is high

Local job growth has been growing in recent years thanks to the many industries that have moved here. Some tech companies have made Texas their home that’s why many refer to it as the Silicon Valley of the South.
Apart from tech, the state also has a number of manufacturing companies, oil and gas companies, and a range of other businesses.

5. It’s all about history

If you are a history buff, living in Texas would just be perfect. It is home to many museums and historical places. While not many of these places are located in directly in town, they are all easily accessible.

There are many things to do in Sealy. If you love wine, for example, you can visit a winery nearby and enjoy a glass of wine or two. You can also spend some time on the golf courses.